MR model Copeland Valve Plate Kit

MRF1-050A Valve Plate 998-0661-17 Copeland Copelametic Compressors Refrigeration MRA-050 Valve Plate 998-0661-23 Copeland Copelametic Refrigeration Compressor MRB1-050A Valve Plate 998-0661-50 Copeland Copelametic Compressor Refrigeration
MRF1-050A Valve Plate 998-0661-17 Copeland CompressorsMRA-050 Valve Plate 998-0661-23 Copeland CompressorMRB1-050A Valve Plate 998-0661-50 Copeland Compressors

MRF-050 Copeland 998-0661-17 Valve Plate for Copelametic MRF-500-TFC, MRF-500-CFB and all variants of MRF and MRH, MRG Model refrigeration compressors.

MRA-050 Copelametic compressor valve plate. MRA-050A-TFC-800, MRA1-050E-CFB-800, RN 998-0661-23. Replaces all previous variants of the MRA-050 series valve plate.

MRB-050 Copeland 998-0661-50 Valve Plate for Copelametic MRB-500-TFC, MRB-500-CFB, MRB1-050A-TFC-800 and all variants of MRB Model refrigeration compressors.