EA-015E Valve Plate 998-0661-14 Copeland Copelametic refrigeration compressor
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EA-015 series Copeland Copelametic refrigeration compressor valve plate assembly. This valve plate fits EAA-015E-TAC-800, EAA-015A-CAB-800, EAD-015A-CAB-800, EAD1-0200-TAC-800, EAJ-015E-CAB-800, EAJ-015A-TAC-800, ERJ-015A-TAC-800 and more. Replaces all previous variants of the EA-015 series valve plate.

  • Copelametic E-150 model valve plate assembly
  • Fits EAA-015E-TAC-800, EAD1-0200-CAB-800, EAJ-015E-CAB-800 and ERJ-015A-TAC-800 Models and more.
  • RN 998-0661-14
  • Contains: Valve Plate Assembly, Suction Valve Reed Valves, Suction Reed Pins, Crimp Pad Spacers, Gaskets
  • For walk in freezer, walk in cooler, refrigeration duty
  • Other kits and parts are available
  • E mail for prices and Availability
  • Item #: VP100

EA-015E Valve Plate 998-0661-14 Copeland Copelametic

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