KALA-016E-TAD-800 Copeland Copelametic refrigeration compressor
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KALA-016E-TAD-800 Copeland Copelametic refrigeration compressor. The 800 series replaces all previous variants of the KALA-016E-TAD, KALA-015E-TAD and KALA-150-TAD model Copeland Copelametic refrigeration compressors. These are new compressors.
  • New Copelametic refrigeration semi hermetic KALA-016E-TAD-800 copeland compressor
  • Model KALA-016E-TAD-800
  • will replace KAL-150-TAD, KAL-150-TAD-800, KALB-015A-TAD-800, KALB-015E-TAD-800
  • Charged with POE lubricant
  • 460V three phase
  • Other models available out right and exchange. Contact us for information.
  • Item #: C903

Copeland KALA-016E-TAD-800 Copelamtic Refrigeration Compressor

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